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Because Education is The Answer


Here to collaborate & elevate.

I believe the future expects more from all of us. More vision. More togetherness. Harder work. Better results.


Especially when it comes to the classroom, the place where opportunity should open itself to every student regardless of their background, ethnicity, or gender. We must champion our teachers, remove barriers, and provide the tools and resources that will fuel lifetimes of fulfillment and success.  

I’m Adam Mayberry, and I humbly ask for your support in retaining my seat on the Washoe County School Board in District F so that we can give our children the future they so rightly deserve.

Bigger differences, smarter answers.

  • Yes, I’m committed to problem-solving consensus achieved through informed and respectful dialogue, but I’m even more committed to ideas and actions that move the needle and help transform the culture of our educational system for the better. To that end, I believe the following to be of vital importance:


Strong stewardship of taxpayer dollars & resources.

  • Maintain a balanced budget and operate within current financial means. 

 Increasing proficiency in reading & math.

  • Increase access to technology

  • Increase access to tutors and programs that offer extra help to our students

  • Encourage parental involvement to include participation in innovative WCSD Parent University programs

 Increasing district-wide graduation rates.

  • Increase graduation advocates

  • Ensure all students have equal access to opportunities, support, and all the tools and resources they need to be successful 

 Continued repair & modernization of current school buildings.

 Construction of new schools to prevent overcrowding.

Ensuring sufficient resources & staff to meet student needs.

  • Support to increase pay for bus drivers, teacher assistants, aides, and other support staff

  • Hiring and retaining teachers

Eliminating needless criteria, freeing teachers & staff to focus on student success.

  • Eliminating unfunded mandates, freeing up time & money to focus on students

A welcoming & secure school environment.

  • Ensuring we have adequate school counselors, psychologists, and social workers to support our students

  • Greater investment on school safety and the protection of our students and staff

  • Keep divisive curriculums out of classrooms such as the controversial CRT 

College & career readiness for success after high school.

  • Increased options for career & technical programs

  • Strong support for students with special needs

  • Emotional & academic support


Increasing school funding at Nevada Legislature.

  • Ensuring our students are getting their “fair share” of statewide education dollars.

  • Increasing teacher pay, to include teacher aides, assistants, bus drivers.

Paid for by the committee to elect Adam Mayberry

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